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Scan & Attach Product Features

Everything you need to send out quality scans!

Directly in outlook®

Scan to email without leaving Outlook® or the need to start external software or editors. Two buttons do it all.

Easy scanning

In preview mode one button to scan the document and one button to attach it to the email. No learning curve here!

Multiple pages

After scanning, all pages quickly available from thumbnails. Re-order or remove pages quickly before attaching.

Simple navigation

Thumbnail slider for great overview of all pages. Click one to zoom in quickly.

Multiple file formats

All major file formats supported including the multi page pdf. File size of the document indicated.

in 5 languages

Currently supports 5 languages. More will follow.

Multiple skins

Eye candy. It will not work any different but it sure is fun to give your Outlook® add-in a Mac OS-X make-over.

simple scan edit

Everything you need to rotate, flip, switch and edit the scanned pages before inserting them in your email.

set resolution

Adjust the resolution to fit your needs. Tip: 200dpi will be sufficient most of the times.